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Electronica Fairs in Munchen Germany(2016) 2016-12-10
Kingford PCB will join 2016 Electronica Exhibition in Germany 2016-10-27
Use GOO CHEMICAL solder ink on LED board 2016-09-07
Mexico Fair are finished complete successfully 2016-07-04
Expo Electrica International 2016 2016-05-16
Welcome to visit our exhibition on Mexico 2016-04-19
Kingford Attended the Lighting + Building Germany Frankfurt Exhibition 2016 2016-03-26
Kingford_PCB will be your reliable PCB manufacturer partner in China with high Quality-Guarenteed 2015-09-19
Professinalism being highly appraised 2015-06-29
Being professional and praised 2015-06-29
Significant progress from 23th International Fair of Lighting Equipment in Warsaw, Poland 2015 2015-06-23
Kingford will attend 14th BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires,2015 2015-04-23
Kingford, a player of Electronica 2014 in Munich,Germany 2014-07-01
Any layer HDI PCB-Start mass production 2014-06-05
Sustained and rapid growth in LED industry. 2014-03-18
Develop PCBs with Heat-Sink technologies applied 2013-11-02
Significant progress from Electronica India 2013 in New Delhi 2013-10-23
Start online service with new tool of WIN 2013-09-27
Kingford attended Electronica India 2013 2013-09-18
Successfully assitant Indian customer to finish PCB board of tablet PC 2013-08-14
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