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Product Description:Aluminium pcb with ENIG
Product Details:
1,  PCB Specification:  
Layer NO# 1 Min Line Width:/mm 0.250
Unit Size:/mm 171.00 116.00 Min Line Space:/mm 0.150
Panel Size:/mm 171.00 116.00 Min Hole: /
Units in Panel 1 Hole QTY/sq.m: /K
X-out allowed 0 Solder Mask: White x 1side
Material: Aluminium Silk Screen: Black x 1side
Finished Thickness:/mm 1.6 Burried/Blind hole: NA
Outer Copper:/um 35/0 Impedance Control: NA
Inner Copper:/um / Profiling: CNC Routing+V-CUT
Surface Treatment: ENIG Test Way: test fixture
Special Request: 1. Slots need to be isolated from the metal core.
2. Panel = 2different boards(8pcs+16pcs)


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