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Quality is everything, we are always controlling and monitoring through the whole process, from incoming material before production, quality system within process, and internal test before delivery.

Raw Material:

KINGFORD chooses top raw materials of world-famous PCB supplier to ensure high reliability and stability of finished products.

Quality System:
-UL Recognized - Automatic Optical Inspection- 100% Open Short Testing- IPC A- 600G- ISO 9001:2000 System Certified- Statistical Process Control (SPC)- Impedance Control

Internal Test:

All goods before delivery must be tested one by one. Usually the items as below:


Referred file

Detection and Measurement of Ionizable Surface Contaminants

IPC-TM-650 # 2.3.25C

Thermal Stress test

IPC-TM-650 # 2.6.8

Micro section

IPC-TM-650 # 2.1.1

Dielectric with Standing Voltage, PWB

IPC-TM-650 # 2.5.7

Thickness test of Au,Ni,Pb,Sn


Peel Strength of Metallic Clod Laminates

IPC-TM-650 # 2.4.8

Thermally Cured Solder Masks

IPC-TM-650 # 2.3.23

(Solder Mask Abrasion) Pencil Method

IPC-TM-650 #

Impedance test

IPC-TM-650 #

Solder mask adhesion test

IPC-TM-650 #

Resistance to solvents, cleaning agerds, and fluxes

IPC-S/M-840C # 3.6.1

Solderability Test