Kingford PCBA is your one-stop supplier of printed and assembled circuit boards. Providing the EMS services to

worldwide customers with expert design, manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfillment and after-market

solutions. With our unique focus on the New Product Introduction (NPI) Process, design optimization,

procurement, manufacturing and testing challenges can quickly be identified and resolved.


1. On line Email/Telephone/EC provides customer 24-hour services.

2. Manufacturer direct pricing bring a greater space for customer profit.

3. Professional technical teams provide free DFM service

4. Ensure delivery time will be on time. Also provide Quick turn, Prototype PCB & assembly services.

5. Whether sample order or a large number OEM production, we all can handle.

6. Full service in-house manufacturing and capabilities.

7. Diverse service type: FR-4 Rigid PCB (1-20 layers), 1500mm Long PCB, MCPCB, PCB Assembly, Components Sourcing.

8. Rigid production and advanced equipment bring up highly quality PCB & assembly.

9. Lead time: Sample is within 7 working days for PCB & assembly, mass production is within 2 weeks for PCB & assembly.

10. 100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipped.

11. Comprehensive certificate: UL, ISO14001, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, IPC.

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