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How to prevent PCB board warping?

Engineering Design: Inter-layer prepreg arrangement should be corresponding. Multi-layer board and prepreg should use the same supplier product. The Outer c/S surface graphics area as close as possible, you can use a separate grid. Baking board before cutting: Usually 150 degrees 6 - 10 hours, remove the water vapor inside the board to [...]

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High Density Interconnector Profile

HDI is an abbreviation for High Density Interconnector. It is a production of printed circuit board technology. The use of micro-blind buried technology and a circuit distribution of high density circuit board.HDI is a compact product designed for small capacity users.It uses a modular parallel design ,a module capacity of 1000VA (height 1U), [...]

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Electronic components storage considerations

According to statistics, more than a quarter of the world's manufactured industrial defective products are related to dampness every year。The production of electronic industrial products and product storage environment humidity should be below 40%.Some varieties also require lower humidity.   IC: Damp on the semiconductor industry, the main hazards in the wet through the [...]

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OSP surface treatment process profile

The full name of OSP is Organic Solderability Preservatives. Also known as Preflux.Simply put OSP is on a clean bare copper surface,To chemical method to grow a layer of organic film. This layer of film with anti-oxidation, thermal shock resistance and moisture resistance .Used to protect the circuit board copper surface in the normal environment [...]

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Kingford PCB Assembly for LED strips-LED display-TV

Quick Details Base Material:FR-4 Copper Thickness:1 Oz Board Thickness:1.6mm Min. Hole Size:0.10mm Min. Line Width:0.1mm Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm Surface Finishing:HASL Lead Free Solder Mask:Green Service:One-stop Laser Drilling Hole Size:0.1mm Impedance Control V-scoring:±10% Lead time:5-7working days Outline Tolerance:±0.10mm Silk screen:White Application:LED strips,LED display,CCTV     Our service:  PCB manufacturing  Professional components sourcing  Assembly  Functional test [...]

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17th Iran International Power Exhibition

Kingford Marketing Director Mr Ripple Miao attended the 17th Iran International Power Exhibition in Iran held at the Tehran International Ground Exhibition. The Exhibition took place from November 4 to 7. He also visited our Iranian business partners. Through this trip to Iran, we have promoted the exchange between us and our customers, and at the same [...]

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