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22 10, 2018

What principles should be followed in PCB layout design

2018-10-22T03:53:07+00:00PCB & assembly News|

PCB circuit board is the support of circuit components and devices in electronic products. Even if the circuit schematic design is correct, the printed circuit board is not properly designed, which will adversely affect the reliability of electronic products. When designing printed circuit board, we should adopt correct method, abide by the general principle of [...]

17 07, 2018

Laser marking machine brings opportunities for the development of the PCB industry

2020-03-27T05:54:23+00:00PCB & assembly News|

With the development of science and technology and the continuous development of smart phone technology and wearable electronic technology, Intelligence, thinning and lightening, and miniaturization have become the mainstream. Consumers will also have higher and higher quality requirements for their products. Well, as manufacturers of laser marking machines, the quality control of internal PCB boards is also [...]

22 06, 2018

The difference between PCB and PCBA

2018-08-07T04:08:16+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

PCB refers to the circuit board, and PCBA refers to the circuit board plug-in assembly, added SMT and DIP process. PCB is a bare board, and PCBA is a finished board. A printed circuit board (PCB) is called a "printed circuit board." It is made of a glass epoxy resin material. According to the [...]

20 06, 2018

How to improve the thermal reliability of PCB

2018-08-07T04:08:16+00:00PCB & assembly News|

In general, the copper foil distribution on PCB board is very complicated, and it is difficult to model accurately. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the shape of wiring and make the electronic components on the board of ANSYS model, which are close to the actual circuit board, to be simulated by simplified modeling, [...]

16 05, 2018

Some issue of Welding quality problems

2018-08-07T04:08:18+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

1.The solderability of the circuit board hole affect the quality of welding The solderability of the circuit board hole is not good, and it will cause the false weld defect, which will affect the parameters of the components in the circuit, leading to the instability of the multilayer component and the inner layer wire, [...]

5 05, 2018

The Development of China’s printed Circuit Board Industry will enter the period of High Speed growth

2019-12-27T08:14:48+00:00PCB & assembly News|

With the rapid development of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of supply chain. China has become the most important PCB manufacturing base in the world because of its industrial distribution, cost and market advantages.  The output value of China's printed circuit board industry has maintained the position of first in the [...]

23 04, 2018

Global PCB industry growing faster

2018-08-07T04:08:18+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

Prior to the advent of PCBs, the interconnections between electronic components were made by directly connecting electrical wires. To simplify wiring, people printed circuit patterns on the substrates and formed pathways through copper plating. As a result, printed circuit boards came into being. Has now developed into a cornerstone of the electronic information industry. [...]

19 04, 2018

Where is the way of ceramic circuit board industry

2018-08-07T04:08:18+00:00PCB & assembly News|

The ceramic circuit board industry has long been developing for many years and has already matured. The overall market pattern has long been clear. Compared with other PCBs, the ceramic circuit board is an alternative to the old generation of substrates, which can perfectly replace the metal substrate and the transparent substrate. Because of [...]

9 04, 2018

iPhone Decides to Reduce Adoption of RFPCB for New OLED

2019-12-27T08:16:42+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

According to sources, iphone's new OLED iPhone has decided to reduce the use of rigid-flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) to replace the more expensive and less advanced multi-FPCBs. The South Korean website The Investor reported that RFPCB is a key component for connecting iPhone X embedded chips and panels, and the touch panel of [...]

2 04, 2018

China’s emergence as a PCB powerhouse

2019-12-27T08:30:03+00:00PCB & assembly News|

Under the influence of globalization, the division of labor in the industrial chain internationalization is becoming more and more clear. With the advantage of labor force and capital, China is gradually occupying the leading power in the low end of the industrial chain. China is the largest producer of PCB in the world, but [...]