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27 03, 2020

How to do covid-19 protection-kingford have free face mask

2020-03-27T03:40:53+00:00Company News, News & Resource|

Global COVID-19 situation and trends COVID-19 has appeared in many countries and has become a common challenge for all mankind. At the same time, COVID-19 poses a significant risk to the global economy. As the global covid-19 challenge continues to escalate, we must strengthen our awareness of protection.Take good personal protection and win this battle together.   [...]

12 03, 2020

The PCB small board knowledge

2020-03-27T03:47:15+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

How to define pcb small board? The small board of the circuit board is a small board which is divided into a piece according to the requirements of the customer. However, in general, the board will be impositioned with the board, and the small boards of the multiple boards will be put together to form [...]

6 03, 2020

Do you know anything about PCB HASL?

2020-03-27T03:49:40+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

What’s PCB HASL? Tin-sprayed HASL/lead-free HASL (Hot air solder leveling) is a step and process in the production of PCB boards. It is also the main surface treatment used in the PCB industry. The process involves immersing the circuit board in a tin/lead alloy bath, then using a "gas knife" to remove excess solder and blowing hot [...]

29 02, 2020

It’s hard to get one “Gun”? Let Kingford solve the PCBA assembly of forehead thermometer for you!

2020-03-24T09:35:49+00:00Company News, News & Resource|

In 2020, no one would expect to open in this way. The sudden COVID-19 virus this year touched all our hearts.At present, everyone should prevent and control and contribute their own responsibilities. In order to control the outbreak at the same time also need to restore economic development, now the national resumption of production is being [...]

26 02, 2020

PCBA maintenance in SMT

2020-03-27T03:50:48+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

In the process of production and use of SMT chip processing, it is inevitable that improper operation will occur in the whole PCBA manufacturing process and use process, including processing errors, improper use, aging of components and other factors, which may cause abnormal work, or even affect the use of the whole product. However, many products [...]

18 02, 2020

What is solder mask opening?

2020-03-27T03:52:33+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

Table of Contents: How to define solder mask? What are the process requirements for solder mask? What are the process of solder mask? How to understand pcb solder mask opening? Why PCB window solder mask? How to define solder mask? The solder mask refers to the green oil on the printed circuit board. In fact, [...]

2 01, 2020

Talking about LED Board

2020-03-27T04:00:10+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

PCB board is the most important part of the LED display screen. If there is no PCB board, the use effect of the LED display screen will be affected. The quality of the PCB board of the LED display screen also determines the display effect and life of the LED display screen. According to this [...]

26 12, 2019

Kingford adds X-Ray detection system and X-Ray related knowledge

2020-03-27T04:02:03+00:00Company News, News & Resource|

Congratulating! In order to give customers with higher precision and better inspection services, Kingford add an X-Ray view X1800 inspection system. Hoping to create more high-quality products to our customers and ensure customers feel more ease and peace of mind! How X-Ray works? X-Ray is a high-performance detection device that uses a cathode ray tube [...]