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2 01, 2020

Talking about LED Board

2020-01-02T07:58:20+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

PCB board is the most important part of the LED display screen. If there is no PCB board, the use effect of the LED display screen will be affected. The quality of the PCB board of the LED display screen also determines the display effect and life of the LED display screen. According to this [...]

26 12, 2019

Kingford adds X-Ray detection system and X-Ray related knowledge

2019-12-27T10:26:49+00:00Company News, News & Resource|

Congratulating! In order to give customers with higher precision and better inspection services, Kingford add an X-Ray view X1800 inspection system. Hoping to create more high-quality products to our customers and ensure customers feel more ease and peace of mind! How X-Ray works? X-Ray is a high-performance detection device that uses a cathode ray tube [...]

10 12, 2019

Some Basic Knowledge about SMT

2019-12-10T11:38:10+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

Features of SMT 1. The assembly density is high, the electronic products are small in size and light in weight, the volume and weight of the chip components are only about 1/10 of the traditional plug-in components. Generally, after using SMT, the electronic products are reduced by 40% ~ 60% in volume and 60% in [...]

27 11, 2019

How to judge the quality of a circuit board?

2019-12-04T10:06:27+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News|

With the rapid development of mobile phone, electronics, communications and other industries, the PCB circuit board industry has also continued to grow and grow rapidly, and people have increasingly higher requirements for the number of layers, weight, precision, materials, colors, and reliability . Due to the fierce market price competition, the cost of PCB board [...]

21 11, 2019

5G will open a new times of communication boards

2019-12-04T10:37:09+00:00Company News|

With the rapid development of communication technology and the commercialization of 5G in the future, the application of PCB in the field of communication will be further deepened.In addition to automotive electronics and new energy automotive catalysts, 5g has great potential for future growth in PCB industry, which will also affect the future development trajectory [...]

12 10, 2019

OEM/PCBA BOOM season is coming

2019-10-12T07:52:30+00:00News & Resource, PCB & assembly News, Uncategorized|

The fourth season of 2019 is coming with China national holiday, also the boom season. 2 months later Christmas holiday coming and 3 months later Spring festival holiday coming, it is the time for making your production plan for the next three months. Regarding the OEM/PCBA delivery times, normally Kingford provide pcba's to customers within [...]