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13 11, 2020

What’s the Five advantages of flexible PCB circuit boards

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Various electronic devices plays an important role in our daily lives, ranging from mobile phones to computers. Most of these devices usually needs printed circuit boards, because without it, most of these electronic devices will not work properly. There are  several types of PCB, each with its own advantages. Flexible circuit boards are one of the most common [...]

30 10, 2020

The process of sample PCB assembly

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Do you know what is the processes of sample PCB assembly processing go through in existing SMT chip processing plants? The process of sample PCB assembly includes the following process: 1. Communicate and consult with customer, and docking files. 2. Engineers evaluate the production technology. 3. This stage is divided into three parts: Printed circuit [...]

16 10, 2020

How to choose a PCBA supplier?

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What is PCBA foundry material? In a narrow sense, PCBA foundry materials refer to the services of providing PCB boards, electronic components purchasing and PCBA processing. In a broad sense, PCBA OEM materials refer to the provision of a complete set of PCBA processing services from electronic program design, electronic product development to material purchasing, [...]

10 10, 2020

Flux of SMT Process

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Definition of flux for SMT processing: In the process of SMT and welding, the material which can purify the welding metal and welding surface auxiliary help the soldering of components and solder paste in the SMT is called flux, it is very important that cannot be ignored in the SMT process.   The main composition [...]

18 06, 2020

Best PCB Assembly Houses Guide 2020

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Best PCB Assembly Houses Guide 2020 shenzhen china Printed Circuit Board Assembly has advanced throughout the years quickly and is an essential part of various assortments of machines. A printed circuit board utilizes straightforward innovation and contains a board on which the circuit rests. In any case, when individuals allude to a PCB, it is [...]

2 06, 2020

Printed circuit assembly: china TOP pcba Manufacturing Services

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Printed circuit assembly: 2020 china TOP pcba Manufacturing Services   printed circuit assembly boards in short PCBs are electronic gadgets used to mechanically give support to electronic gadgets that have connection cables inserted to copper inserts surface fixing applications or holes in a plate, to weld the ends of the gadgets. In hole applications, a plate [...]

27 03, 2020

How to do covid-19 protection-kingford have free face mask

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Global COVID-19 situation and trends COVID-19 has appeared in many countries and has become a common challenge for all mankind. At the same time, COVID-19 poses a significant risk to the global economy. As the global covid-19 challenge continues to escalate, we must strengthen our awareness of protection.Take good personal protection and win this battle together.   [...]

12 03, 2020

The PCB small board knowledge

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How to define pcb small board? The small board of the circuit board is a small board which is divided into a piece according to the requirements of the customer. However, in general, the board will be impositioned with the board, and the small boards of the multiple boards will be put together to form [...]

6 03, 2020

Do you know anything about PCB HASL?

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What’s PCB HASL? Tin-sprayed HASL/lead-free HASL (Hot air solder leveling) is a step and process in the production of PCB boards. It is also the main surface treatment used in the PCB industry. The process involves immersing the circuit board in a tin/lead alloy bath, then using a "gas knife" to remove excess solder and blowing hot [...]