The average annual growth rate of Chinese PCB industry has been to 25.3% over the past 20 years, the total output value of 2008 was up to 118.3 billion, with a increase 1.77% higher than 2007, The import and export amounted to $21.37 billion, over 4.91% in the same period. In the past few years, the PCB industry in China are facing the changes of domestic and international market environment. With the development of globalization in Chinese PCB industry, the adjustment of enterprise layout, the strengthen of enterprise to environmental protection, Chinese PCB industry has gradually farewelled to the past era of low-cost competition, entering a new era of development in transition.

By the international financial crisis at the fourth quarter of 2008, there were sharp drop of orders in Chinese enterprise, accompanied with the the utilization of capacity insufficient, the direction of development unclear, which caused the output value of PCB to fall rapidly in the fourth quarter last year, followed the sales appearing a sharp decrease.

During the enterprises we counted in the first half of 2008, ultimate output grows 11.53% and sales volume grows 11.94% compared to the same period. Overall, the printed circuit industry in China still presents a good momentum of development. But the total amount of corporate profits and taxes presents a negative growths of 2.31% for the first time.

To November, 2008, the international finance crisis attacks the global manufacturing industry rapidly. The globalization of Chinese PCB leads the shrinkage of corporate orders and the utilization of capacity insufficient. In the whole 2008, benefited to the high growth from January to October, the output and value basically keep the same as last year, while the total annual profit and taxes declined at 6.85%.

Nevertheless, the level of technology and supporting ability is still improving.
In the fourth quarter of 2008, the electronic information industry including printed circuit slid in large scale, the Chinese government rapidly released a number of policies to stimulate economy and drive domestic demand. At the same time, the government adjusted the industrial policy, implemented the positive financial policy and the moderate loose monetary policy, raised the related rate of export tax rebate and reduced the import tariff to stabilize the development of the electronic information industry including printed circuit.

In the past few years, the average growth rate of Chinese printed circuit industry has been over 20%. However, in the following two years, with the variation of industrial environment and the adjustment of global industry in 2008, Chinese printed circuit industry will experience consolidation and structural adjustment, the number of producers will be gradually reduced, the small and medium-sized enterprises are centralized to the industrial campus, and product to high-end transformation. It is foreseeable that the technological level and industrial capacity of Chinese PCB industry will step reach a new level.




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