China will continue to play an important role in Global PCB industry

///China will continue to play an important role in Global PCB industry

The 2017 international circuit board and electronic assembly South China exhibition Started in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center,December 6th.In the exhibition, all kinds of intelligent automation equipment, high-density circuit boards and environmental clean equipment and other electronic assembly applications all reflect the rapid development of the global PCB industry trend. Everybody knows that PCB known as “the mother of electronic products,” almost all of the electronic products are inseparable from the PCB, then as a production and consumption of electronic products in China,.How about the PCB market conditions in the future?

The global PCB industry by the macroeconomic impact

Since the financial crisis in 2009, the global PCB industry overall showed a recovery and growth. Due to the macroeconomic impact, the global PCB industry output in 2010-2016 showed a slight fluctuation.

Since 2017, the global PCB industry output rebound appears, mainly because the operation mode of the electronics industry has gradually shifted from single to diversified. On the other hand, the PC market will continue to shrink under the influence of smartphones, wearables and artificial intelligence, and the artificial intelligence-related memories, sensors and basic communication hardware devices will become the next explosion point in 2018. It is estimated that the global PCB output in 2018 will again exceed 55 billion USD.

China’s PCB industry is still strong

The PCB market continues to follow as electronic consumer centers continue to shift to Asia. Under such circumstances, the economic regions of Asia, such as Japan, mainland China and Taiwan, have become the major centers of consumption and production of PCBs. Since 2017, this trend has become more pronounced.

In the global PCB industry, the gradual warming of the total trend of the PCB industry in China will be transformed from the production capacity to technological superiority, which is also the new requirements of our industrial upgrading. In this context, the PCB industry in China will continue to play an important role in the world. Following the road of transformation, the PCB industry will be broken step by step.

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