Under the influence of globalization, the division of labor in the industrial chain internationalization is becoming more and more clear. With the advantage of labor force and capital, China is gradually occupying the leading power in the low end of the industrial chain.

China is the largest producer of PCB in the world, but the scale of enterprises is smaller than that of traditional powers such as Japan and South Korea, and the degree of industry concentration is low.

The production of low-end and middle-end PCB products in China’s PCB enterprises is relatively mature, but the R & D and manufacturing of high-end PCB products are in their infancy, and they are not competitive enough. Foreign and Taiwan-funded enterprises occupy a considerable part of the market squeezing the local enterprise’s survival space, this is also because of the small number of local companies with adequate strength, which needs further investment in R&D.

From the perspective of industrial development, high-end products such as packaging substrates and high-end products such as HDI boards will become an important direction to focus on. In 2016, with the global PCB industry declining, China’s PCB industry continued to grow at a rate of 1.43% and developed steadily. South and Southeast Asian countries such as India and Thailand have also shown tremendous growth potential with rapid growth. When labor and land costs rise in China, a large proportion of foreign companies will transfer from China to these countries.

On the one hand, we are optimistic that China will continue to play an important role of a major producer and marketer in the PCB industry. On the other hand, in the future, with the market competition of China’s PCB industry, there will be features such as high-end products, large-scale enterprises, industrial chain extension, and geographical distribution. Through the optimization of concepts and the realization of technological advancement, the companies will gradually gain advantages so that it will become a truly huge electronic powerhouse in addition the large output of the country.

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