Choosing the right PCB supplier is not as easy as you want to think it is. When selecting an electronics manufacturing service provider or contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies, you have to be careful. There are many criteria that go into choosing the right manufacturer for your needs. Quality standards, support, reliable and the production period, plus many more. Depending on product needs OEM’s must evaluate what they feel is most critical to their business success.

Here are five good ways to choose the right PCB supplier for your contract manufacturing company.


Every industry has its own standards. These are put in place to protect the businesses just as much as they protect the end consumer. It is critical to find manufacturing partners that put emphasis in building quality into their products and have the NEEDED industry/quality certifications to ensure product reliability.

If they are certified to manufacture in your industry, that means they know the quality standards, the quality processes, and have the correct systems to successfully build your products. This also provides a credibility and an upfront expectation before spending an abundant amount of time evaluating a potential manufacturing partner and realizing late that they do not have the quality measurements and are not the best fit for partnering.


Do they offer engineering support to review your design and make sure there are no mistakes prior to spending money on fabrication?


Choose a supplier that is reliable in terms of delivering high quality products within the agreed timeframe. As mentioned earlier, fast manufacturing speed leads to production of products that are faulty. The low quality products may not affect the company reputation or R & D cycle but it will harm the customers and reduce the company’s market base.


The production period, that is, the total amount of time different companies requires to complete your order varies depending on the type of technology that they use. For example, some companies will require 3 to 9 days to manufacturer a dual platen sample. During this period, they will carefully consider each factor in order to ensure that they meet the set quality standards.

Desist from choosing suppliers who offer low prices. Instead, you should choose suppliers whose prices are directly proportional to the quality of the products. Sometimes, low quality products are very cheap as compared to high quality products. One of the major benefits of purchasing a high quality product is that they are more cost effective since they are more durable hence they require less repair or maintenance services.

Taking each of these considerations into account before proceeding with selection of a PCB company will go a long way toward establishing a long-term relationship with a reliable supplier.

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