According to statistics, more than a quarter of the world’s manufactured industrial defective products are related to dampness every year。The production of electronic industrial products and product storage environment humidity should be below 40%.Some varieties also require lower humidity.


IC: Damp on the semiconductor industry, the main hazards in the wet through the IC plastic package and from the pin and other cracks invade the IC internal, resulting in IC moisture absorption


According to IPC-M190 J-STD-033 standard,After exposed to high humidity air, the SMD components must be placed in the oven below 10% RH humidity for 10 times of exposure time to restore the effectiveness of the components, avoid scrap and ensure safety.


Liquid crystal display device  : liquid crystal display devices such as LCD glass substrates and polarizers, filters in the production process, although to be cleaned and dried, but to be cool after the impact will still be affected by moisture to reduce the passing rate of products.It should be stored in a dry environment below 40% RH after cleaning and drying.


During operation, note that the electronic device will receive moisture hazard under the following conditions:

  • Semi-finished products in the package to the next process
  • PCB package before and after the package to power between
  • After unpacking but not yet used IC, BGA, PCB and so on
  • Devices awaiting soldering of tin ovens
  • Baking to be back to warm the device
  • Not yet packaged products


Finished electronic machine in the storage process will also be damaging.Such as storage in high humidity environment for a long time,It will be cause a malfunction.For the computer board CPU, etc. will make gold finger oxidation lead to poor contact failure.

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