FabStream®, the integrated printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing solution developed by DownStream Technologies and targeted at the DIY electronics market today announced that PragoBoard has become the sixth PCB manufacturer to join the FabStream network of global PCB manufacturers.

The companies are working together to create a customized version of FabStream’s SoloPCB™ Design Software which will be pre-loaded with PragoBoard’s manufacturing rules and pricing to help the user design, price and order their finished PCBs automatically and securely from the software. By including Prago’s manufacturing rules within the software customers can more confidently design PCBs that can be built by Prago’s manufacturing facility. This greatly reduces the possibilities of low manufacturing yields, delivery delays and lost opportunities.

“It’s always been our philosophy that PCB prototyping must be easily accessible, fast and low cost given how prototypes fit into the overall engineering process,” said Olrich Simek, Managing Director of PragoBoard. “The addition of FabStream to our PCB manufacturing provides a unique value-added service to our commitment to PCB prototyping excellence,” he added.

Prago sees the combination of the no-cost PCB design software with low-cost prototypes as a necessity for many DIY electronic enthusiasts to eliminate the barriers with creating electronic PCB systems. These customers tend to have very low design capacity so purchasing a commercial solution is difficult to justify financially. Simek explains further: “The manufacturing driven approach that FabStream enables by aligning the design software to Prago’s specific manufacturing capabilities will eliminate many pitfalls that engineers encounter when working with PCBs. Especially when trying to set up a design and/or submit it for PCB manufacturing. FabStream provides a very intuitive solution to end users that may not be experts in PCB design or manufacturing.”

Prago will support FabStream’s “Standard Construction” option where a customer can select a preset PCB construction. Designs created funny pictures using this option can be “pooled” with other designs onto a single panel to help reduce the overall cost of fabrication. In turn the savings will be passed on to customers to create a low cost design and manufacturing option. In addition, Prago plans on offering a variety of full feature manufacturing services including production of 1-12 layer boards in a variety of sizes, material thicknesses and technologies.

“PragoBoard continues our commitment to adding premier PCB manufacturers in key geographical regions. Their location in the Czech Republic provides strategic coverage for European DIY engineers that need cost efficient PCBs built regionally, while keeping shipping costs to a minimum,” explained Rick Almeida, Managing Director of FabStream. “It is vital to FabStream’s success that we have local PCB manufacturers that our users recognize. The FabStream for PragoBoard solution will give customers in the Czech Republic and surrounding areas an excellent option for localized PCB manufacturing.”

FabStream and PragoBoard are planning the release of SoloPCB for PragoBoard to be available within the second half of 2013. The SoloPCB for PragoBoard design software will consist of schematic capture, PCB layout, 100K Digi-Key parts library, and an integrated 16-layer autorouter as well as many design software features unique to FabStream.





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