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The process of PCBA production includes purchasing of materials, PCB manufacturing, SMT chip processing , DIP, testing and so on.

Therefore, in the PCBA production cycle, it can be divided into two steps which are fabrication and purchasing material.

In the pcba production cycle, material procurement and pcb production time is the longest.

Purchasing material and PCB manufacturing is almost going on at the same time.

Generally, The time of pcb manufacturing is longer than purchasing material, but for some special materials or raw materials, it will cause a longer delivery. How to guarantee the fast delivery? This is our mission.


1) Purchasing material

We are turnkey PCBA service supplier with teams of professional engineers and purchasers to support the whole PCBA procession. And our company keep a stable cooperationship with international components supplier for many years. With such great teams, it will powerful to help us to avoid the accident situation and keep the fast delivery time.


  • PCBA delivery time

Double side PCB: 5-10 days

Batch: about 12-14 days

4-6 layer PCB: 10-16 days

8 layers or more than: 20- 25 days


Sample: 3-5 days

Batch: 7 days

4) PCBA test

sample: 2 days

Batch: 3 days

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