Fourteen outstanding characteristics of Kingford high quality multilayer PCB

///Fourteen outstanding characteristics of Kingford high quality multilayer PCB

Fourteen important characteristics of KINGFORD High Quality PCB 

At first glance, it maybe not big different on the surface of PCB, regardless of its intrinsic quality.

It is through the surface that we see the differences that are critical to the durability and functionality of PCB.

There are 14 important characteristics could appear good quality of PCB.

It is important to have reliable PCB in both manufacturing and assembly.

A defective PCB in the assembly process, which may be brought into the final product  and may fail during actual use, resulting in claims.

Let’s take a look at the 14 most important features of a highly reliable circuit board following:

1 . 25μm copper thickness in the hole

Enhanced reliability, including improved expansion resistance of the z axis.

2 . Repair without welding or broken wiring

Perfect circuit ensures reliability and safety, no maintenance, no risk

3 . Cleanliness requirements beyond IPC specifications

Improving the cleanliness of PCB would improve reliability at the same time.

4 . Strictly control the service life of each surface treatment

It could reduce the risk of moisture intrusion with excellent Solder properties .

5 . Use of internationally recognized substrates

Improve PCB reliability of the basic and known performance

6 . The tolerance of copper clad plate meets the requirements of IPC 4101Class B/L

Strictly controlling the thickness of dielectric layer can reduce the deviation of expected value of electrical performance.

7 . Define the materials of solder mask to ensure compliance with IPCSM-840Class T requirements

“Excellent “ink is to achieve ink safety and ensure that welding ink in accordance with UL standards.”

8 . Defined the tolerances of shape, hole and other mechanical characteristics

Strictly controlling of tolerances can improve the size and quality of the product-improved fit, shape and function

9 . Keepingrequirements for solder mask thickness, although there is no relevant IPCregulation

For improving electrical insulation properties, reducing the risk of spalling or loss, to strength the resistance ability of mechanical impact-wherever the mechanical impact occurs!

10 . Requiring perfect appearanceand repairing, although IPCdoes not define them

Being careful for safety in the manufacturing process all the time

11 . Requirements of depth of plug holes

High quality plug holes will reduce the risk of failure in the assembly process.

12 . Specifying the brand and model of peeling blue glue

13 . Perform specific approval and order issuance procedures for each purchase order

For making sure all specifications are confirmed.

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