Flexible PCB (FPCB) suppliers for the iPhone 3GS are expected to see significant sales increases thanks to the popularity of Apple’s new handset, according to industry sources. The suppliers expected to benefit are US-based Multi-Fineline Electronix (M-Flex); Japan-based Nippon Mektron and Fujikura; and Taiwan-based Flexium Interconnect and Foxconn Electronics’ FPCB subsidiary.

M-Flex, Nippon Mektron and Fujikura are supplying FPCBs for the body of the iPhone 3GS, while Flexium and Foxconn’s subsidiary are providing solutions for the antenna modules and keyboards, the sources noted.

Each iPhone 3GS needs more than 10 FPCBs, higher than other smartphones which usually use 3-6 FPCBs, the sources added.

Those companies declined to comment on customers.

Flexium expects its revenues to have a more than 40% growth in the second quarter and continue to grow in July thanks to strong demand for smartphone related products.







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