FR4-CCL Reclassification Explained — An update from UL, presentation by Crystal Vanderpan of UL.

This presentation was recorded live as a webinar on May 4, 2011. Total run time of presentation: 40 minutes, 36 seconds.

Crystal Vanderpan is a Principal Engineer – P.C. Technologies, Underwriters Laboratories in San Jose, California.

UL has been working with IPC and industry for over 15 years to address the impact of changes to copper clad laminate on aging test required by U.L. Standards.  A UL/IPC task group identified in 1996, that the generic family FR-4, had changed over time and the materials included in this family were no longer similar enough to be considered a single generic family.  Over the next decade a number of options have been considered to address this situation while minimizing the financial impact on CCL, and PCB fabricators.

UL Specification updates require that some action take place on reclassification of the generic FR-4 family.  As the day approaches nearer to the release of these specifications significant opposition and confusion developed from misleading rumors regarding the FR-4 reclassification.  UL desires to maintain communication with industry in order to develop standards which benefit the industry as a global market from material suppliers to OEM.

IPC has been aware of this situation since the beginning and held this webinar to help communicate the current situation to the industry.




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