The electronic industry 5G, automotive electronics and domestic substitution have become the main growth points for the China PCB industry in the future.

According to reports, the PCB industry is gradually optimized and upgraded, low-end production capacity will be phased out, and its market share will gradually be divided by leading manufacturers. There are only a few leading companies in the high-end PCB industry with high-end technology research and development capabilities in China.

Domestic high-end PCB products rely heavily on imports, and there is huge room for domestic substitution. FPC and high-end HDI boards has become the focus of industry development in the future.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles and automotive electronics has brought new opportunities for the PCB industry. Global 5G construction will be gradually implemented. Base station construction and product replacement will absorb a large amount of PCB production capacity.

Emerging technologies such as wearable devices, Internet of Things, games, and regional chains will bring new growth points to the PCB industry.

As one of the main raw materials for PCB production, CCL is highly concentrated in the industry, has strong bargaining power, and has a high technical threshold. It will become an important beneficiary of the PCB industry boom cycle.

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