HDI is an abbreviation for High Density Interconnector. It is a production of printed circuit board technology. The use of micro-blind buried technology and a circuit distribution of high density circuit board.HDI is a compact product designed for small capacity users.It uses a modular parallel design ,a module capacity of 1000VA (height 1U), natural cooling and It can be directly into the 19 “rack, up to 6 modules in parallel.The product uses all digital signal process control (DSP) technology and a number of patented technologies, with a full range of adaptive load capacity and strong short-term overload capacity, can not consider the load power factor and crest factor.


HDI is currently widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) camera, MP3, MP4, notebook computers, automotive electronics and other digital products.One of the most widely used mobile phone.HDI board is generally used to build (Build-up) manufacturing, the more the number of layers, the higher the technical grade of the plate.

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