How to make qualified of PCB test frame?

PCB test frame quality requirements:
1. The circuit wiring diagram of PCB test frame should be correctly drawn; layout should be reasonable and without omission; number should be correct.
2. The drilling of PCB test fixture with pad surface should have good verticality and concentricity. The hole can not be skewed. Hole wall need smooth and glitch-free, no defect. The choice of the fixture pad should be smooth and nondestructive. Maintain the original transparency and shall not scratch.
3. The cable seat plug number should be identified plate holes when it wiring. The number to be consistent. The serial number of the plug can not be disorderly and the connecting wire can not be damaged and broken, and there should be no short circuit between the connecting pins.
4. The method of using of five pads manufacturing jig, the key is the first pad and the third pad. In the test so that each different size of the probe needle can be in the same plane.

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