How to prevent PCB board warping?

///How to prevent PCB board warping?
  1. Engineering Design: Inter-layer prepreg arrangement should be corresponding. Multi-layer board and prepreg should use the same supplier product. The Outer c/S surface graphics area as close as possible, you can use a separate grid.
  2. Baking board before cutting: Usually 150 degrees 6 – 10 hours, remove the water vapor inside the board to further cure the resin completely to eliminate the stress within the board.
  3. Multilayer laminates before the board should pay attention to the latitude and longitude direction of the curing sheet.Warp and weft to shrink ratio is not the same.Prepreg material stack before and Core material cutting need to pay attention to the latitude and longitude direction.
  4. Laminate thickness to eliminate stress plate cold, trim hair.
  5. Baking before drilling: 150 degrees 4 hours.
  6. Thin Plate recommended Chemical cleaning.Plating with special fixtures to prevent bending plate folding.
  7. After HASL on the flat marbleor steel cooling to room temperature or air bed cooling and cleaning.
  8. Warp board processing:150 degrees or hot 3 – 6 hours.Using flat and smooth steel weight.Then 2-3 times baking.

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