International experience in PCB& Assembly

    Kingford provides one-stop PCB & Assembly services, which including PCB fabrication SMT , components sourcing, DIP , full functional test, finished product assembly, customs declaration and international logistics.

   Our company makes full use of competitive advantages in sourcing capacity and quality control. We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with many electronic components manufacturers to ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials. We keep the advantages of sourcing IC, resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode or dynatron and other components long term. This can greatly save customers’ inventory costs, improve producing turnover efficiency and save time.

Capability of PCBA

   We support large scale, sample, special orders (NO MOQ).

The professional technical team of engineers will analysis on BOM list and related technical documentation, we control the process and test for each set of products strictly.

     The requirement of our customers would like the higher quality, which is the power source of our growth. During the growth process, we have accumulated a lot of PCB and SMT experience. These will continue to be feedback to our customers.PCBA– Process-Price-Period 

    We strictly enforce the SOP specification to greatly simplify the procedures and reduce the element of human intervention and the risk. We adhere to IPC electronic acceptance standard strictly to ensure products with high stability.

     We are specializing in the PCB circuit board over 20 years with ISO 13485 and TS16949 certification ,we pay attention to the quality of PCB and PCBA quality control system.

    Kingford is with many years experience of components sourcing , make long cooperation with well-known supplier to ensure the original packaging and procurement channels of components (IQC).

All efforts are aimed to become processional PCBA manufacturers.

                                                          7 days PCBA prototype services

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