Japanese PCB Makers Facing Tough Market Conditions

///Japanese PCB Makers Facing Tough Market Conditions

How does the epoxy resin PCB industry develop at present in Japan? It’s released that the whole Electronic circuit industry like PCB, Package substrate and specialized process industry and so on has increased by 4.8% and up to ¥2571.3 billion in 2007,among which the epoxy resin PCB industry had a growth of 5.0% compared to the same period, up to ¥1379.9 billion and become the largest scale of production since the bubble of IT (information technology)in 2000.

The PCB goes towards the direction of advanced difficulty: it’s difficult to increase the production in large scale by activating Japanese domestic demand in the whole. However, with the advanced functionalization of civil products such as liquid crystals, digital camera, portable product, entertainment machine and so on, the high-density PCB increased compared with last year, having a relatively growth of output and value regardless of the single-side, double-side or 4 multiplayer PCB board even the funny pictures low-level PCB is developing to the direction of high difficulty.

Semiconductor exports as the center of ELECTRONICS PRODUCTS go well, especially the module substrate had a great increase of demand compared to last year. FPCB reached it peak in 2003, but followed by a low situation for 3 years. However, the multi-layered FPCB grows 30.6%, and the entire FPCB increased 602% compared to last year. Such high growth rate of multi-layered FPCB shows the trend of the target market to the aspect of high-density enhancing.




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