To celebrate making a breakthrough 2017 sales record and greeting 2018 , Kingford traveled to Taiwan to start a four – day group trip.

The first day, we arrived at Jiufen of Taiwan where has so much features of architecture in Taiwan. We climbed the mountain along with the rock step in Jiufen. When you walked at the rock road to close to the nature and breath fresh air.

The second day ,we visited the National Palace Museum which is one of the largest museums in China , is the largest museum in Taiwan. We learn about more Chinese history from here.

We met with our customers in Taiwan. Meanwhile, we were also entertained by our customers. And thanks them for bring us good wine in Taiwan. We got together very happily.

The fourth day, we held a dinner party to end this Taiwan trip. It could think back to the time in Taiwan, our team in this journey could mutual help,following our corporate culture:  put yourself in one’s place. We hope to make a better future for Kingford in the 2018.

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