Automotive development and production knowlegde
Local sales managers with specific knowledge of international automotive business
Customised technology solutions
Quality managers with strong automotive background
Tier 1 and OEM system audits
Supplier development program

Clinical diagnostic
Imaging systems (CT, MRT, PET, X-Ray, Ultrasound)
Therapy systems (Ventilator, Ultrasound etc.)
Home care



We specialize in durable electronics for long-product life cycle segments, offering customized solutions in engineering and manufacturing as we take advantage of the emergence of new applications of electronics for the industrial field. We help customers produce a high product mix of security devices, access controls, and building automation.

Our power modules can be used in multiple applications such as electric vehicles and smart grid. These terminal power semiconductor devices are used as electric switches that combine high efficiency and fast switching.



With 25 years of experience with a broad range of communication networks products, Kingford provides you with integrated design, technology and global supply chain solutions. We offer: Kingford has expertise with products including broadband routers, switches, RF filters and radios, long haul wireless, wireline and advanced optical network infrastructure equipment.

Technology, design and manufacture of RF and optical modulators, transceivers, backplanes and PCBs
A unique combination of engineering, technology and manufacturing experience that makes us a trusted and valuable supply chain partner. Product expertise includes:

Communications infrastructure
Broadband CATV RF tuner
CATV Set-Top Box
900 MHz emergency eFob Radio Systems



Kingford is a strong partner to the world’s leading multimedia Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with a clear focus of delivering quality, flexibility and value. We offer new product design services, complete systems manufacturing and order fulfillment to provide cost-effective, end-to-end supply chain solutions for the world’s most innovative consumer, lifestyle, gaming, and payment services companies. We’re focused on home entertainment, personal lifestyle and other multimedia devices that include:

Set-top boxes, cable and satellite receivers
Consumer electronics
Audio and video equipment
Cinematography, digital cameras
Casino gaming systems and electronics
Global positioning systems
Portable media/audio players, digital audiobooks
E-Book readers and devices
Point-of-sale terminals, kiosks and automated retail vending systems
Motion sensors for lighting, temperature and smart home devices
Chargers, battery systems and power supplies
We have the product experience and global presence to help you reduce cost, accelerate time-to-market and simplify supply chains.



Kingford Oil & Gas, with the acquisition of the CertainSource Technology (CST) Group, has been providing outsourced manufacturing and engineering services for over 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry. The CST Group includes SensorWise, Primary Sourcing and MasterPiece Machining. Kingford Oil & Gas is uniquely positioned to offer product design support as well as a vast array of manufacturing services from precision machining of components to assembly and test of major turnkey assemblies. This includes electronics, mechanical, software and testing.


International offers consumer-related electronics customers a number of advantages:
A global network of facilities offering the ability to nearshore for logistics convenience or migrate products to lower cost regions for cost reduction
Ability to support manufacturing requirements over the full product lifecycle
Strong internal systems which support serialization and traceability
Centralized system for documentation control
Conformal coating
In-house plastics injection molding capability
Cable/harness assembly expertise
Electromechanical assembly expertise
Extensive test capability (AOI, x-ray, ICT, functional and burn-in/ESS)
GPS/RF test expertise
Product expertise includes:

Battery back-up sump pumps
Electric bicycles
Relevant Certifications ISO 9001:2008 (all facilities)

Ability to support third-party qualification efforts such as UL and CSA


utsourcing can include contracting just about any type of work to local or global suppliers. The practice of outsourcing has steadily grown in most industries. There are significant benefits in outsourcing with the proper partner.

Many Oil & Gas industry companies that manufacture products, either for sale or their own use in delivering services, have traditionally bought “components” from suppliers. These companies have been slower to adopt outsourcing strategies for major assemblies or subassemblies as compared to other industries. This is likely due, in part, to the lack of large well established suppliers that possess industry knowledge, global reach and presence, expert capabilities and economies of scale. Until now…

Kingford, one of the largest global outsource manufacturing and engineering companies, has made the commitment to be such a company and has acquired an outsource Manufacturing and Engineering company with over 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Kingford also offers a low cost North American Tool Manufacturing and Machining facility in Monterrey, Mexico dedicated to the Oil & Gas Industry. This combination now provides Oil & Gas Service and Equipment companies the opportunity to obtain the advantages of outsourcing in a way that was not previously available.

Major benefits of outsourcing to Kingford:

Flexibility: to address changing resource needs
Reduced capital cost: for facilities and manufacturing equipment
Reduced product cost: leverage Kingford’s expertise and economies of scale
Improved cash flow: cash is not tied up in component inventory and work-in-process
Technical Expertise: leverage Kingford’s expertise with product design and design-for-manufacturing
Supply Chain Management: leverage Kingford’s capabilities to manage a Global Supply Chain.
Global Reach: Kingford has over 76 plants in 23 countries globally
Additional benefits of outsourcing to Kingford:

Kingford has a long track record of proven performance and is financially strong
A long term contract with Kingford can be made that ensures performance and remedies if needed
Established pricing and pricing models with incentives for price reductions over time
Kingford engineering resources can create or sustain product documentation and we work with the customer to ensure it meets requirements.
Industries that Kingford has a long established track record for outsourced Manufacturing and Engineering:

Medical Systems
Defense and Aerospace
Communications Networks
Computing and Storage
Clean Energy