Kingford specialize in durable electronics for long-product life cycle segments, offering customized solutions in engineering and manufacturing as we take advantage of the emergence of new applications of electronics for the industrial field. We help customers produce a high product mix of security devices, access controls, and building automation.


Our power modules can be used in multiple applications such as electric vehicles and smart grid. These terminal power semiconductor devices are used as electric switches that combine high efficiency and fast switching.

Industrial PCBA



The product range of industrial control PCBA is very wide, mainly including the following products: PLC DCS PAC ,industrial computer, CPCI / PXI embedded system integrated control ,industrial safety, SCADA automation software information, human-machine interface, industrial Ethernet field, bus wireless communication, Control Mechanical drive motor ,Machine vision sensor field, instrument display, control instrument analysis test ,instrument execution mechanism, Low-voltage electrical appliances, Electrically connected to the cabinet, power supply, Kingford strictly manages the production control of industrial control products in accordance with customer requirements for production and testing.


We are responsible for a wide range of cooperation with world-renowned large companies. Our factory has obtained ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and has a strict and complete RoHS guarantee system. In June 2019, it passed IATF16949 certification. Take the advantages of OEM assembly and PCBA assembly.

PCBA assembly