Metal core PCB is used in more and more LED products, for its outstanding heat radiation,

In recent years, the LED industry is growing up sharply.

Considering this, Kingford start metal core PCB business years ago, under the support of existing customers, our MCPCB team is sharing over 15% of whole sales turnover.

Recently we even develop 2 layers and double sided PCB.

We successfully deal with the problem of combining effect with FR4 and Aluminium plate, which will not happen delamination.


Item Description
CNC tolerance+/-0.1mm
line to cnc ≥0.20mm
hole to cnc ≥0.30mm
gold finger to cnc ≥0.20mm
Punching Hole size diameter +/-0.10mm
Punching diameter +/-0.15mm
V-CUT corner:30℃、45℃、60℃
corner tolerance:+/-5°
v-cut deepness:0.6-1.6mm
deepness tolerance:+/-0.10mm
Equipment Universal Tester
Flying Probe Open/Short Tester
High power Microscope
Solderability Testing Kit
Peel Strength tester
High Volt Open & Short tester
Cross Section Molding Kit With Polisher






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