In 2016, the global PCB industry showed three major characteristics: weak demand, the impact of new technologies and raw material prices. According to Prismark’s research, PCB output value in mainland China in 2016 was US $ 27.104 billion, making it the only region in the world to achieve growth. The global share has risen from 8% in 2000 to 50% in 2000 and is expected to further increase as the production capacity gradually moves to China . We believe that it will take at least 2 years for Chinese manufacturers to become manufacturers of high-end PCB products. However, in the medium to long term, adequate financial support from China will make local manufacturers the mainstay of the PCB industry. At the same time, the domestic PCB industry chain has been more perfect, the industrial chain linkage up and down, materials and equipment first, to promote the rapid growth of China’s domestic enterprises


FPC as the fastest growth in the PCB sub-industry, optimistic about the momentum of development. It is estimated that by 2017, the global PCB output value will reach 65.7 billion US dollars, FPC will be 15.7 billion US dollars output value, accounting for 23.9%. China’s production of low-end flexible printed circuit boards mainly high-precision FPC and rigid-flex board production is still in its infancy. With the smart phone technology innovation and upgrading, including wireless charging, full screen, etc., the value of FPC will continue to increase, the number of FPC gradually increase, the volume and price rise pattern for the production of high value-added FPC products manufacturers the best opportunities for development .


Autopilot + new energy vehicles, two-wheeled drive, Auto PCB prospects: Automotive PCB steady growth year by year, automatic driving and new energy vehicles to become dual-engine driver. Industry catalysts are as follows: 1) Since 2010, the sales volume of new energy vehicles has been on the rise and the demand in emerging countries will continue to rise in the future. The market size is expected to further expand. 2) Due to environmental factors, new generation vehicles such as EVs, Hybrid electric vehicles will be gradually popularized; 3) ADAS penetration rate continues to rise, the intelligent car electronics become a general trend, ADAS is even more important for the future of driverless.


5G Led PCB industry to continue its growth: PCB industry’s future growth point, in addition to automotive electronics and new energy vehicle catalysts, 5G applications also have great potential. OFweek predicts that by the year 2019, the PCB industry will usher in a revolutionary innovation and a tremendous change will take place in the whole industry chain

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