Kingford is a professional PCB Assembly manufacturer, focused on High precision & High quality PCB manufacturing. Such as HDI, Rig-flex PCB, Blind- Buried Via, Multi-layer PCB…  We support flexible customized services for our customer ‘s high requirement.

Quality management

We improve quality of product to the requirement and award the truth continually from our customers.

Kingford has been certified of IATF16949& ISO13485, ISO9001, UL and so on.

Stable development and good quality reflect our excellent services.

We are doing hard to improve quality perfectly with strict and complete quality monitoring system and world-class testing equipment and laboratories.

It is more important to prevent from quality problem to Improving the efficiency and output of work. The strict attitude help us to keep a good cooperation all the time.

Material management

If there is not the best material, everything is insignificant!

Before purchasing raw materials for our PCB board, our professional quality inspection team will carefully check each item before delivery.Similarly, we will read all your specifications carefully.

We insist on the quality of our raw materials, our complete service and our products, we are ready to accept your strict requirements.

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