Under the trend of all-things interconnection, the Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology and also an important stage of development in the era of “informationization.”And Internet of Vehicles as the application of Internet of Things in the automotive industry,with the Internet of Vehicles technology is mature, the development of smart cars is also the must. At the same time, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, new energy vehicles are also vigorously promoted by the government.

The PCB as an integral part of the vehicles, under the influence of these two hot trend,
PCB industry will get more opportunities for development. Of course, it is also a challenge to the technology and high quality. Just as mobile phones and other consumer electronics industries have an impact on PCBs at now, I believe in the near future, with the trend of intelligent and electrified automobiles of vehicles, New energy vehicles and smart vehicles will certainly be as an important part of PCB industry market in the future.

Are PCB manufacturers ready to face the opportunities and challenges of the future?

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