Kingford Oil & Gas,  has been providing outsourced manufacturing and engineering services for over 19 years in the Oil & Gas industry.  Kingford Oil & Gas is uniquely positioned to offer product design support as well as a vast array of manufacturing services from precision machining of components to assembly and test of major turnkey assemblies. This includes electronics, mechanical, software and testing.

With numerous advancements in technology, the oil and gas industry has been motivated to produce oil and gas from global locations that comprise high geothermal gradients. This means that drilling operations are exposed high temperatures /pressures and low temperatures. The industry requires complex electronic hardware that needs to provide accurate data while resisting high temperatures 、pressures and low temperatures. Kingford can provide the right solutions for such precise requirements with our professional assembly team.

Our engineering works in cohesion with our clients to understand the specific application and environment in which the circuit board assembly will be used. We utilize RoHS compliant and lead free assemblies to ensure safe usage. Our assemblies are capable of working in applications that that cope with high temperatures reaching up to 200oC and pressures up to 25 kpsi.