Currently, China is the country which produces PCB most in the world. The outputs and sales of PCBs reached 40% of the world. As the local enterprises of China are developing rapidly, it is predicted that the outputs and sales will be close to 45%-50% of the world, and will rank front of the PCB industry in the world.


In 2013, the PCB sales of North America increased 7.2% on April as soon as the PCB outputs decreased 7%. From year to June, the shipments of PCB industry in the world decreased 5.1%, the orders decreased 2.3%. In the past six months, the orders were beyond shipments all the time.


Sharon Starr who is the markets research supervisor of IPC said: “ although the sales of PCB are lower than the same period last year, the flexible plate sales are still better. The rigid PCB orders are more than ones which are at the same period, and it makes shipment rate rush at 1.10%. This phenomenon maintains for six months, and the sales of approach months will go up definitely.





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