Outstanding Quality for medical PCB assembly

///Outstanding Quality for medical PCB assembly

    Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health, correspondingly, medical equipment has been highly required for the pcb assembly.

How to reach the technical requirements for the reliability, high frequency, high speed, high conductivity of PCB & assembly?

The medical PCB assembly is one of the most complex and challenging project in the industry.There is a problem I would like to answer that is there anything different between with the medical pcb and common pcb ? Yes.


1) Safety ” and ” reliable ” : the core issue of pcb in medical industry.

Life support products or high – end products refer to IPC – 3 standard , non – life support class or low – end product reference IPC – 2 . It is very important that the large medical manufacturer set up its independent standard and strictly control the reliability of the product.

2)Long use period required:  the general product warranty time is over 5 years , and the large – scale medical equipment requires at least 10 years , and the use duration of the product is longer .

To meet the requirements from the conventional consumer healthcare products to the high reliability, stability of high-end medical products,  moreover be available in the high density, small portable products of high integration, and the intelligent, wearable medical products function.

3) Traceability: medical pcb assembly required with strict process records and product traceability.

The standard of processing and fire rating are different . The common pcb process is different in handling tin and cleaning plates .

Among all the medical PCB boards, FR-4 is the most widely applied. For medical PCB design, according to the positioning of its products and the control of raw material prices, there will be differences in the choice of FR-4 sheets, the reliability of PCB boards is chosen to medical.

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