PCB copy board is also often referred to as circuit board copy board, PCB cloning, circuit board cloning, PCB reverse design, etc., it refers to the existing electronic products in kind under the premise of using various reverse research methods to reverse the product PCB Documents, circuit schematics and a full set of technical information, and then use these materials to product technology principles a complete analysis and application of research, and through the proofing board, circuit board welding, assembly and other processes to achieve the process of imitation cloning of electronic products in the industry Often referred to as board copy board, circuit board cloning, circuit board replication, PCB cloning, PCB reverse design or reverse PCB development, the definition of PCB copy board, the industry and academia have a variety of claims, but not too Complete, if you want to give an accurate definition of PCB copy board, we can learn from the domestic authority of the PCB copy board laboratory argument: PCB copy board, that is already in possession of electronic products and circuit boards in kind under the premise of the use of reverse Research and development of technical means Reverse analysis of the circuit board, the original product PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical documents and PCB wire India production file 1: 1 reduction, and then use these technical documents and production documents PCB board, components welding, flying probe test, the circuit board debugging, complete the original copy of the original circuit board model. As the electronic products are composed of various types of circuit board core control part of the work, so the use of PCB copy board such a process to complete the complete set of technical information on any electronic product extraction and product imitation and cloning.

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