PCB means printed circuit board, mainly composed of two kinds of insulating substrate and conductor materials, play a supporting role in the electronic equipment, the interconnection. Integrated circuits and resistors, capacitors and other electronic components as individuals can not play a role, only by the printed circuit board support and connect them in the whole can play their respective functions.


PCB can be used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, network communications, industrial control and medical care, aerospace and other fields. In the field of consumer electronics PCB used in mobile phones, home appliances, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR equipment and other products; PCB in the field of automotive electronics used in GPS navigation, car audio, car dashboards, automotive sensors and other equipment; PCB communications in the field of network applications In the optical module, filter, communication backplane, communication base station antennas and other equipment in the field of industrial control PCB used in industrial computers, frequency converters, measuring instruments, medical monitors and other equipment in the field of aerospace PCB used in aircraft, aviation Remote sensing systems, aviation radar and other equipment.


After several decades of development, the PCB industry has become a global industry, but in recent years the total production capacity showed a slow development trend. According to the data from CICC, the output value of the global PCB market reached 54.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, which is still the largest proportion in the electronic component industry in terms of the decrease of 2% of the market value in 2015. In the future in the global electronic information industry, driven by the continued development of the global PCB market is expected to maintain about 2% growth rate.


PCB industry center of gravity continue to shift to Asia, and Asian production capacity to further transfer to the mainland, forming a new industrial pattern. Before 2000, 70% of the global PCB output value was distributed in three regions: Europe, the Americas (mainly North America) and Japan. With the continuous transfer of production capacity, the output value of PCB in Asia is now close to 90% of the world. It is the dominant PCB in the world and China has become the region with the highest PCB production capacity in the world. In the meantime, production capacity in Asia has shown a trend of shift from Japan, Korea and Taiwan to Mainland China in recent years, resulting in a growth of PCB capacity in mainland China by 5% to 7% above the global average. In 2017, PCB production in China will reach 28.972 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for more than 50% of the global GDP.

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