The main purpose of SMT processing is to accurately mount the surface mount components to a fixed position on the PCB. Sometimes, in the process of SMT processing will have some technical problems that affect the quality of the patch, such as components of the shift.  The shift of the components in the patch processing is an omen of a number of other problems appearing during the welding process. It need to be taken seriously.  So, what is the reason for component shift in SMT processing?

The reason of component shift during SMT processing:

  1.  The using time of solder paste is limited. It will make the flux deterioration occurs and poor welding after the expiration date.
  2.  The stickiness of solder paste is not enough. It will have the issue of component shift if the components during shipping have problems such as oscillations, rocking, etc. 
  3.  The flux content is too high in solder paste. Excessive solder flow during the reflow process results in displacement components. 
  4.  The component shift caused by vibration or incorrect handling way in the printing and during handling process after SMT. 
  5.  In the SMT processing, if the nozzle pressure is not adjusted, it will make the pressure is not enough and the components shift.
  6.  The mechanical issue of the patch machine leads to the misplacement of the components.

If components shift during SMT processing, it will affect the circuit board performance. So we need to understand the reasons for the components shift, and targeted to solve it.

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