Gold-plated: mainly through the plating method, the gold particles attached to the PCB circuit board, gold plating adhesion because strong, also known as hard gold, Gold finger is the hard gold, high hardness, wear-resistant.

Immersion gold: by chemical redox reaction to generate a layer of coating, gold particles crystallized, attached to the PCB pad, because adhesion is weak, also known as soft gold.

Difference between gold and gold:

1.Patch processing gold plating process is done before the solder mask, there may be clean green oil is not clean, not easy on the tin; and Immersion gold process is done after the solder mask, the patch easily on the tin.

2.Before the gold plating process usually need to first plated a layer of nickel, and then plated with a layer of gold, the metal layer of copper nickel gold, because nickel has a magnetic, electromagnetic shielding effect. The process of sinking gold is directly above the copper surface immersion gold, the metal layer is copper, no nickel, no magnetic shielding.

3.Gold plating process is differentfrom Immersion gold, the formation of the crystal structure is not the same, gold plating is more easy to weld, will not cause poor welding. And gold than the gold-plated crystal structure is more dense, not easy to produce oxidation.

4.After the gold-plated circuit board is not flatness of gold, for the higher requirements of the board, flatness is better, the general use of gold, Immersion gold generally do not appear after the black pad assembly.

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