Medical PCB assembly- medical pcb motherboard assembly

///Medical PCB assembly- medical pcb motherboard assembly
PCBA PCB assembly

     The capacity of PCB&PCBA for medical equipment and critical applications reflects the quality awareness and management systems

PCB Layer:1-22

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PCBA quotation: 3 days

Component purchasing.

PCBA Delivery time:Samples delivery time: 2 weeks

Batch: 3-4 weeks

Certificate: IATF16949, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, UL, SGS ROHS


    Kingford is highly focused on demand of customer , including the quality and reliability of all our products and services. Many years of experience in manufacturing, combined with professional knowledge to provide a solid foundation.

   Our mission of the manufacturing process including:

  1. Ensuring the quality of products;
  2. Comply with regulatory requirements;
  3. Low manufacturing cost and environmental sustainability.

    Continual improvement of all processes, as well as the careful and efficient use of all resources are further cornerstones of the uncompromising quality policy.

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