Project Description

PN:Copper base board
Application: Power supply equipment
Special features:Copper base material

An Poland customer who needs copper based board, enquiried in March then they order in April and finish in April.

2014.3.25 to 2014.3.30: negotiating and get settled on price
2014.4.01: order placed
2014.4.01-2014.4.6: material booking.
2014.4.6: without any hesitation,then put into production immediately
2014.4.18: with collective efforts, boards finished on 4.18
2014.4.18: final checking and packing, during the whole process, customer witnessed our profession、experience and offere Kingford high praise, then customer left as they were assured that we are reliable and experienced.

In brief, all of our colleagues had been trying best for it. and fulfiled the obligations together.Very tight but pretty proud of an experience.More importantly, our products won a very high approval of the customer.

Layer No.:  1L
Base material: Copper, 1/1oz,
Solder mask: White x 1side
Surface finishing: OSP
Special item: Copper base material
Function use: Power supply equipment

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