Ludwig is one of Kingford customers who is from Munich, Germany. At the end of last month, he made an order which included 3 millions pieces of printed circuit board. Yesterday, he came to Kingford office and factory.

Firstly, Kingford invited Ludwig to the office. Let him have a short of relax, then the Kingford manager told hime a lot about the company. Ludwig was very interesting, and he did believe Kingford more. He was highly approval of Kingford enterprise culture and work atmosphere.

Secondly, kingford drove him to the factory. At the factory, Ludwig were very carful and serious on each equipment and the whole procedure. Although he is a serious guy, he finally was conquered by kingford. He was very satisfied with kingford equiments and products quality.

Finally, Ludwig said:” I trust Kingford pcb more and more, this company can accomplish what I need.”






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