Material selection for the construction of a printed circuit board is a critical step towards the final product. Global Circuits can assist you with material selection to ensure the proper materials for your boards applications while providing the best materials for your project budget.

We have created a simple guideline to help you make the proper evaluation of the materials selection below. We encourage you to contact us to further discuss your circuit boards application and specifications.

Product Application Recommendations

Application recommendations for selection of a specific type of material is based upon consideration of the following:

  • Material Suitability
  • Best in Class Performance
  • Cost / Performance Ratio

Key Questions:

  • Will the (PCB / PWB) printed circuit board successfully survive the reflow process?
  • Will the (PCB / PWB) be fit for use and have maximum reliability in use after the reflow process?

Specific Material Selection Suitability

The application suitability of a specific type of material is based on consideration of the following parameters:

  • Tg – Glass transition temperature
  • Td – Decomposition temperature
  • Z axis expansion
  • PWB Processability
  • I.S/T/ performance
  • T260 and T288 performance
  • Solder float survivability
  • Thermal cycling performance
  • And additional data




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