8 Layers HDI PCB

///8 Layers HDI PCB

8 Layers HDI PCB

4 Layers HDI PCB

General Specification:

Layer No: 4 layer
Panel size/mm: 18*25mm
Material : FR4
Finished Thickess: 1.6mm
Finished Copper: 35um
Surface treatment: ENIG
Soldermask: Green
Silkscreen: White

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8 Layers HDI PCB

General Specification:

Layer No: 8 layer
Unit size/mm: 89mm*115mm
Material: FR4;High TG
Finished Thickess: 1.6mm
Finished Copper: Inner12um/Outer35um
Surface treatment: ENIG
Silkscreen: White

Kingford-18 years PCB&PCBA experiences,your turnkey partner from China. With over 12 SMT lines and 60 equipment, we can assure 100% timely delivery.

PCB Assembly Capacity:

SMT components: 0201 and above
ICs: maximum size 50mm
Minimum pitch: 0.3mm
BGA/μBGA: available
SMT capacity: 3.50 million points per day
Include single-sided/double-sided
Solder paste/glue processing
DIP capacity: 0.30 million points per day
Functional testing: upon customer’s requirements
Casing assembly: upon customer’s requirements

Full Range Of Testing Services:

▪Function testing
▪In circuit testing
▪X-ray for BGA testing
▪3D paste thickness test
▪Flash testing and earth bonding tests can also be undertaken where required
Using our X-ray machine, we test PCBs to component level and all wiring is fully inspected and tested
Each board is carefully examined by our dedicated inspection team using AOI and high magnification viewers


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