Chip inductors of components sourcing service for PCBA

///Chip inductors of components sourcing service for PCBA

Chip inductors of components sourcing service for PCBA

Components sourcing service of inductors.Kingford privide components sourcing service for customers.

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Component sourcing of inductors:Kingford PCB can provide component sourcing service for PCB assembly.

SMD inductors are a closed loop property. When the coil of the chip inductor passes the current, the chip inductor forms a magnetic field in the coil, and the induced magnetic field generates an induced current to resist the current flowing through the coil.

The role of the chip inductor in the circuit is to generate a changing magnetic field when passing a non-steady-state constant current, and this magnetic field will in turn affect the current. The chip inductor is in series with the inductor in the power circuit, and the inductor is direct to the DC. High-frequency pulse is high impedance, so play a DC resistance AC pulse.

Resistors are used to control the current in the circuit. Capacitors are used to block alternating current through alternating current. Inductors are used to block high frequency through low frequency. On the other hand, capacitors and inductors are energy storage components. Therefore, there is a filtering function in the circuit.

SMD inductors have the property of blocking the flow of alternating current through the circuit and allowing direct current to pass through. The characteristics of the inductor are through DC and blocking AC. The higher the frequency, the greater the impedance of the coil. Inductors often work with capacitors in the circuit
Inductor coils have the property of preventing current changes in the AC circuit.

Inductance coil has the similar characteristics with the inertia in mechanics. It is called “self-induction” in electrical terms. At low frequencies, the inductance of an inductor generally exhibits inductive characteristics. It not only acts as a storage energy, but also filters high-frequency characteristics.

At high frequencies, its impedance characteristics are apparent. There are energy-consuming fevers and reduced sensation effects. Different inductors have different high-frequency characteristics.


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