component sourcing service of Switch

///component sourcing service of Switch

component sourcing service of Switch

Components sourcing service of switch for PCB assembly.Kingford privide components sourcing service for customers.

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Component sourcing of switchs:Kingford PCB can provide component sourcing service for PCB assembly.

Photoelectric switches are members of a large family of sensors that convert light intensity changes between the transmitter and receiver to current changes for detection purposes.

Since the photoelectric switch output circuit and the input circuit are electrically isolated (ie, electrical margin), it can be used in many applications.

A new generation of photoelectric switch devices manufactured using integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mount technology has intelligent functions such as delay, widening, external synchronization, mutual interference resistance, high reliability, stable work area, and self-diagnosis.

This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch that uses pulse modulation. The cold light source used is infrared light, red light, green light, and blue light, which can be contactless and can be rapidly damaged. And control the status and actions of various solids, liquids, transparent bodies, black bodies, soft bodies, and smoke.

The contact type trip switch has the disadvantages of low response speed, poor accuracy, easy detection of the contact object and damage to the object to be detected, and short life. The proximity distance of the transistor proximity switch is short, and non-metallic materials cannot be directly detected. However, the new photoelectric switches overcome their aforementioned shortcomings, and they are small in size, versatile in function, long in life, high in accuracy, fast in response, have a long detection range, and have strong resistance to light, electricity, and magnetic interference.

This new photoelectric switch has been used for level detection, liquid level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed-length cutting, hole identification, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color standard detection, punching and Shearing machine and security protection and many other areas. In addition, the use of infrared concealment can also be used as a burglar alert in banks, warehouses, shops, offices, and other places where it is needed.


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