components sourcing service of capacitors for PCBA

///components sourcing service of capacitors for PCBA

components sourcing service of capacitors for PCBA

Kingford privide components sourcing service for PCB assembly.Capacitors can store charge and be widely used in circuits.Capacitors show different functions in AC circuits and DC circuits .

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KINGFORD PCB ELECTRONICS CO.,LIMITED can provide components sourcing service for customers on pcb assembly.

Capacitors are one of a large number of electronic components used in electronic devices and are widely used in circuits.

In DC circuits, capacitors are equivalent to open circuits. A capacitor is a component that can store charge, and is one of the most commonly used electronic components.

In AC circuits, the direction of the current changes as a function of time. The process of charging and discharging the capacitor is time-consuming. At this time, a changing electric field is formed between the plates, and the electric field is also a function of time. In fact, current flows through the capacitor in the electric field.


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