Resisitors components sourcing service from Kingford

///Resisitors components sourcing service from Kingford

Resisitors components sourcing service from Kingford

Kingford privide components sourcing service for PCB assembly.

Resistor is a current limiting component, after the resistor is connected in the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is fixed and generally two pins, which can limit the size of the current through the branch it connects.

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Kingford PCB can provide component sourcing service for PCB assembly.

The development direction of resistors :
1. Miniaturization and high reliability;

2. Discrete small resistors are still widely used, but will further reduce the size, improve performance and reduce prices;

3. In consumer electronics, carbon film resistors still dominate, while precision resistors will Metal film resistors dominate, most of the low power wirewound resistors will be replaced.

4.In order to adapt to the circuit integration, the development of planarization, the need for chip resistors will increase significantly; general-type will tend to develop thick film resistors, while the precision type will still tend to film in the metal film and Metal foil resistors;

5. Development of a combined resistor network;
In an ideal resistor, the resistance value does not change with voltage or current, nor does it change with sudden changes in current. Real resistors cannot achieve this. Today’s internal designs allow resistors to exhibit relatively small resistance changes at extreme voltages or currents (and even other environmental factors such as temperature).

Each resistor has its upper limit of voltage or current (depending on the size of the resistor). If the voltage or current exceeds this range, the resistance of the resistor first changes (there can be drastic changes in some resistors), which in turn causes the resistor to be damaged by overheating. Most of the resistors will indicate the rated electric power, while others will provide the rated current or voltage.

In addition, the actual resistor itself has a small amount of inductance or capacitance in addition to the resistor, which makes it behave differently from the ideal resistor.


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