• Over 14 CAM work stations
  • Multiple laser plotters
  • AOI systems for artwork inspection

Inner Layer Processes

  • Chemical preparation line
  • Multiple exposures with auto alignment
  • Multiple Develop Etch (acid) Strip lines
  • Copper anti-tarnish
  • Post Etch Punch
  • 6 AOI systems for inner layers in-process inspection
  • Automatic oxidation line
  • Automatic layer preparation to lamination
  • Full automatic vacuum system lamination press with 4 press units
  • 7 vacuum assisted lamination presses
  • 2 vacuum chambers for prepreg preparation

Drilling & Machining Processes

  • 66 drilling spindles
  • 16 drill & rout spindles
  • Laser drilling machines for micro via technology
  • X-ray machine for in-process alignment control
  • Automatic V-Cut with depth control
  • X-Y measuring table for in-process inspection

Outer Layer Processes

  • Hole preparation – Scrubing with high pressure assistant
  • Automatic controlled smear removal and glass etch
  • Plasma unit
  • Automatic plating line for high & low electro-less Copper deposit
  • Panel preparation for external imaging
  • Multiple automatic cut laminators
  • Multiple exposures
  • Developers
  • 2 automatic Copper and Tin-lead plating
    lines with auto controls and replenishments
  • Automatic line for Gold edge plating
  • Automatic line for electro-less Nickel and immersion Gold
  • 2 Manual lines for Nickel and immersion Gold – Engineering products
  • Manual line for immersion Tin plating
  • Multiple Strip-Etch-Strip lines
  • IR and Oil reflow
  • Horizontal Hot Air Solder Leveling
  • Organic Coating
  • Immersion Silver Coating
  • Full Automatic PAL Electrolytic Soft Gold Plating Line
  • Soldermask Spray Coating
  • Direct Ink Jet Machine For Legend Implementation

Via plugging semi-automation tool:

  • In mass production: plug buried / blind via & PTH holes with PETERS dielectrics, to avoid air inclusions & different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) (which can result in
    elaminating & cracking)
  • In R&D: plug via with conductive materials, such as Silver paste, etc.

Bare Board Electrical Testing:

  • Single sided and double sided testers
  • Flying probes testers
  • TDR measurement


  • Solderability tester
  • Measurement of OSP and oxide thickness
  • Ionograph for surface contamination
  • Elongation & Peel Strength testing
  • Micro-Section preparation and inspection
  • Fully equipped lab for in-process analysis
  • XRF measurement machine
  • Computerized micro-section archive system
  • Soon can Ultrasonic Inspection System




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