Kingford is not only your PCBA manufacturer. We not only provide PCBA manufacturing, but also provide one-stop service for molding, metal stamping, plastic injection, forming, box build and the finished product assembly. Kingford’s box build turnkey assembly services include material procurement, PCBA, final assembly manufacturing, software installation, final testing, packaging (including manuals and all accessories), warehousing and directly to customers or the end users.

Box Build Turnkey Assembly-Kingford

Advantages of finished product assembly

1. 20 years of rich processing experience in the industry, a professional and excellent team, precise equipment and instruments, and a mature manufacturing process.

2.Fully automated SMT production line, DIP production line, test equipment, assembly line, high-capacity high-precision equipment;

3.Flexible manufacturing, whether SMEs or large enterprises, can provide production channels for the majority of enterprises to meet the requirements of different demand, while reducing costs for them, compared to other suppliers can greatly reduce costs.


Assembly certification

Our production line complies with multiple certifications and guarantees excellent product quality

1.ISO 13485: Medical Product Certification

2.IATF 16949: Automotive Product Certification

3.ISO 9001: Quality Certification

4.ISO14001: Environmental Management System Certification


Quality control of finished product assembly

1. The quality control department organizes unqualified or non-conforming department or bad discovery department to review the unconforming organization and set up a problem solving team.

2.For potential bad or non-conforming items, analyze and carry out appropriate error prevention design and quality control through the use of tools such as tests, simulations, data analysis, QC techniques, etc., and propose preventive action plans.

3.For the bad or non-conforming items that have occurred, the problem solving team re-evaluates and verifies and revises related technologies, quality standards or improves the process or design level, etc., and confirms that all products or processes related to the quality system have similar problems and conducts comprehensive Prevent and propose solutions.


Our box build manufacturing expertise encompasses:

1. Cables
2. Harnesses
3. Complex looms
4. Backplanes
5. Sub-modules
6. Complex electro-mechanical assembly
7. Electro-pneumatic assembly
8. And higher level integration and assembly of high mix, high complexity products