Beside manufacturing solutions Videoton can support customers in new product design projects and can offer the complete industrialisation of new products or production engineering services.

Our general service range includes:

Development services

  • Electronics design
    • Hardware, Software & Firmware
      • Communication & Interfaces (LAN, LIN, CAN, serial etc.)
      • Digital Signal Processing, Field Programmable Devices
      • Real time development
      • Database management
    • Mechanical design
      • Design of plastic and metal parts, assemblies and subassemblies
        • Design of enclosures
        • Realization of product face-lifts, smaller technical changes
        • Reverse engineering


  • Complete project management
  • Tool management
    • Development and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds & stamping dies (incl. proto-tools)
    • In-house toolmaker, regional and Far-Eastern supply base
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacture, assembly and test concept development
  • DfX checks – Design for Manufacturing / Assembly / Testing / Serviceability etc .
  • Development and manufacture of testers, assembly lines and special purpose equipment
  • Packaging concept design
  • Prototyping including 3D printing (Objet)
  • Validation

Production engineering

  • Process optimization
  • Cost optimization projects
  • Value-add engineering
  • Technical change management
  • Technical documentation management

Product-specific engineering services

  • Battery packs
    • Electrical co-design
      • Electrical features (fixing, insulation)
      • Selecting of electrical components
      • Supervisory circuits incl. PCB design
      • Charging, wireless charging solutions
    • Mechanical design
      • Plastic design
      • Standard pack design
      • Material specification
      • Position of internal connection points
      • Strength calculation
      • Shock protection
    • Industrial air engineering
      • Own-developed products and design of unique equipment for heavy-duty applications
        • Radial fans
        • Axial fans
        • Dust separators (cyclones, filters, washers)
        • Pipelines
        • Additional noise and vibration control
        • Industrial filter bags and filter hoses
        • On-site survey