The PCBA process includes SMT assembly, DIP assembly and PCBA testing. PCBA testing is only one part of PCBA production, it is very important to controlling product quality.

Below is five forms is the main test of PCBA: ICT test, FCT test, aging test, fatigue test, and test under harsh environment.

1. The ICT test includes Circuit on and off, voltage and current and the wave curve, amplitude, and noise. We usually check open circuit, short out of PCB and all the component soldering condition, it can accurately to single out which component fault and the location of open circuit fault.

ICT testing


2. The FCT test need to do IC program firing, simulation test of PCBA function, check problems of hardware and software, and equipped suitable SMT assembly fixture and test stand. This step need our customer provide accurate test requirement and procedure.

kingford pcba testing


3. The fatigue test is choose some PCBA sample to observe whether will failure occurs when perform high-frequency and long-term operation,  then judge the probability of the failed test, so that can feedback the working performance of the PCBA.










4. The test of under severe environment is expose the PCBA board to the extreme temperature, humidity, drop, splash, and vibration to get random sample’s test results, then to infer the reliability of the entire PCBA batch product.


5. About aging test is to power on the PCBA and electronic products for a long time, keep it working and observe whether there are any failures. All the electronic products finish to aging test then it can shipping out.

Kingford PCBA-Testing









The PCBA test can detect problems of board in time and to adjust the preliminary processes such as SMT and DIP, optimize the process, then achieve to control quality layer-by-layer with a testing chain.